Saturday, February 16, 2013

Experiment: Dehydrating Eggs

I'm always looking for the unique ideas and skills on the pathway to self sufficiency.  Recently, I stumbled on this article about dehydrating eggs (all the details are here).  What the heck - I'll try it.  This lady dehydrates 9 dozen eggs at a time, so I decided to gamble with 1/2 dozen while we were drying pineapple.

Branching - pineapple is probably the easiest and most rewarding fruit to dry.  No special prep, other than slicing the same thickness of the fruit, and wow, does the home smell wonderful during the process.  An entire pineapple sliced in rings, fits comfortably in a quart freezer bag.

Ok, ok.. back on track.  So, 6 eggs took a quick whirl in the blender, a few seconds was perfect.  My non-stick pan is heating on the stove, with no oils, sprays, etc.  This is purely eggs to non-stick coating process.  Commence the scrambling process.  Using a spatula, break up the chunks into small pieces as you stir the eggs.  Once the eggs are cooked, spread them evenly onto the drying rack and place them in the oven.  Set the dehydrator to 145 degrees.  After 8 hours the eggs were close to done.  I tested by breaking some of the larger pieces.  By 10 hours, they were are ready to pull from the dehydrator.  The large hunks were the same color and texture inside and out.

Into the Blender
Grinding into Egg Powder
Volume results for 6 eggs: 1 1/2 cups raw, 3/4 cup dried.  Next weekend, we will try the egg powder in a blind taste test.
6 Eggs on the Left, 6 Eggs on the Right
Drying eggs and pineapple together?  The flavors did not cross.

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