Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Golden Girls

Our visitors arrived yesterday.  Six young ladies with all their belongings have moved in and found themselves very much at home.  The light freeze last night prompted me to keep these young girls in the living room for warmth and to see how well they adjust to their new environment.

Oh, did I mention the Golden Girls (GG) are our new chicks?  Little Gold Sex Links.  Annabelle, Blanche, Constance, Daphne, Edie, and Fiona.
GG6 - Just Arrived


Granddaughter, now 13 months, is excited about her new playmates.  She hovers near their brooding house imitating their cheeps and peeps, bobbing her head in unison with them, dragging her parents to come see her friends.

The GG seem contented, adjusted to the location of food and water, accepting the heat emitted from the heat lamp without question.  18 more weeks until the first egg, according to the books.  My patience will be tested.

On the less happy note, Mr. Whiskers, the famous magic rabbit is none to happy with the attention competition.  He bounces in his cage demanding to be noticed.  It won't be long, normalcy will fill the household again.  I'm sure of that fact.

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