Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Miscommunication Turned Good

This weekend, Big City North friends dropped in unexpectedly to deliver their sack o' shirts.  Actually, it was a huge miscommunication that worked out well.  Let's set up the scenario before the story begins.

We lost a very dear friend the afternoon before Thanksgiving.  We knew him and his family for over 25 years.  He voluntold as referees for FIRST Robotics.  He was a great leader for us and mentor for the teams.  In his memory, we are making a quilt for his family. 
We considered working on the quilt this weekend.  Where was never discussed.  I planned to drive to Big City North to be with my daughter as she enters into labor.  They thought while they were delivering an ROV (for an underwater robotic competition demonstration) to the Big City.  Understand, we thought Magic Man was bringing the ROV back here when he returned home.

The situation worked out well for us.  We made lots of progress on the quilt.  Imagine, if you will, engineers cutting and stablizing quilt blocks.  "This reminds me of making composites." "This reminds me of sheet metal layout."  So ladies, know that what you do in the quilting world is indeed very techinical.

Our friends brought a gift.  Here it is.  Oh, it matches the granddaughter's bedroom.  How convenient and fortunate for ME!

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