Sunday, January 8, 2012

Strange Relationship

I have a good friend, one of my best and one of my longest (oldest sounds so negative).  We met in college; but knew we were not compatible as boyfriend/girlfriend.  For years, we disapproved each others "partners."  Then the right woman came into his life, they married, had kids - two boys.  Those two are spitting images of their dad.  I question if they know who the real mother is.  Mom is sweet and gentle and very much a lady.  Me, I like to get my hands dirty, play with power tools, and enjoy the great outdoors.  I enjoy cooking, but cleaning can be left alone for a little while.

The youngest son and I were chatting one day, I believe we were grilling ribs in my backyard.  Jokingly I told him he was one of my favorite nephews.  He replied I was his favorite uncle.

Me:  "Uncle?"
Him:  "Yep, Dad always says you're one of the guys."
Me:  "Why would he say that?"
Him:  "Because you can do things Mom can't.  She can't tell the difference between a screwdriver and a hammer."

From that point I was known as "Uncle Cindy."

I am proud of both of these young men.  The eldest has finished his service with the United States Army, the youngest is now enlisted in the US Navy.  Thank you very much for your selfless decisions.

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