Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Town Crier

This has been a great week.  My stolen vehicle was recovered earlier this month and my trusted mechanic returned it to me Wednesday.  She may be old, but she's certainly reliable and proven resistant after rudely taken from her home.

I drove to Mom's Thursday morning, picked her up and headed to Big City North.  My daughter was schedule for induction Friday morning.  Friday night, we welcomed our newest family member.   I was so happy to be here and hold her in my arms.

Meanwhile, Daughter and Baby are receiving doctors and nurses this morning.  Mom and I are going shopping (she forgot to bring pants) then race back to visit the Zoe this afternoon.

We're finishing this week with Mom's meatloaf.  If I get my two cents and to the kitchen first, meatload accompanied by mashed potatoes and green beans.  Maybe while we're out, we can add a loaf of warm French bread to the menu.

What a great week.  Yes, I had to declare it again.

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