Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mooooore Monkeys!

I loved our little sock monkey when I was young.  A tad freaky, but he had his own charm.  My daughter found Sock Monkey at my Mom's and rescued him from the closet and moth balls.  At home, he spent some time in the whirling hot tub and hung out with the birds to dry.  With a bit of TLC, Sock Monkey was in loving arms again.

In May, my daughter and her hubby announced the arrival of our newest family member (you probably guess I'm overly excited now).  At that moment I knew there was going to be a sock monkey theme for the nursery.  I scoured the internet and found some wonderful fabric and embroidery designs.  It was time to sew and crochet.  Magic Man may be thinking I over committed with so many projects.

Dust ruffle fabric scraps, a package of cloth diapers, and some bright red thread were the basic components of these adorable burp towels.

Crafty Staci offered a quick method to add the trim to these towels.  The instructions were meant for an adorable trick or treat bag.  (I have a couple examples of the bag here and here.)

Any day now, I'll head to the Big City North to welcome my granddaughter.   Even Moooooore Monkeys will appear in future postings.

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  1. Dear Cindy, these are very beautiful. I made another crochet monkey for you that may be helpful for you I hope. But this time I took all photos step by step. I really want to help you. If you visit my blog maybe this time I can help your grand daughter's project. All my best wishes..