Monday, December 19, 2011

Pray for Healing

She's only six years old.  She was diagnosed with lymphoma a week ago.  I work with her parents' friend.  They live across The Pond.  Her story touched my heart, because of her age, because the friend is a good friend of mine, and because I hate the disease.  I am thankful for the gifts given to doctors, nurses, and all other people in the medical industry to fight for the lives of patients.  That is not my gift, nor my calling.

My friend "A" was crushed by the news.  I could see it in his eyes and hear it in his voice when he told me.  Three days before this announcement, Magic Man and I took rag edge quilts to the US Marines and as our admission to the Customer Appreciation and Toys For Tots feast which Avnet hosted.  The quilts were so well received, we offered to make one for "A" to take to "K."  "A" accepted.

me:  "What does she like?"
A:  "She likes PINK!"
me:  "Well, PINK it is.  Let's make the blanket out of flannel to keep her warm and keep it from slipping as easily from her lap."
<pause for about an hour>
A:  "Oh, her mom says that "K" like pirates, castles, and monsters now."
me:  "We'll see what we can do."  But my mind is screaming YIKES.  I've been to the fabric stores and I can say with a high degree of certainty pirates, castles and monsters are not going to be in this project.

In good faith, I headed to Joann's.  There's a little inset in this store with my favorite sewing ladies.  Laden with bolts of pink flannel in my cart, I stopped to say hello (which is code for fishing for information).  They had nothing to offer regarding pirates, castles and monsters, but did have recommendations for shop downtown in the Big City for the sparkly fabric for Magic Man, another project in planning stages.

Day 2.  We headed to downtown Big City for Magic Man's fabric.  A shop?  This place was an entire city block, a mecca.  And there's an extension across the street.  This shop closes in one hour.  OK, not a problem.  Magic Man and I knew our mission; we were focused.  After questioning a clerk, we rushed to the far room, which by chance, took us right past the youth fabric.  It caught my eye... MONSTER fabric.  The decision was tough.  Complete his mission or finish my quest.  Magic Man made the decision for me.  He went his direction and I grabbed the bolt.  Time was ticking away.  Then a few bolts down... PIRATES!  I was in tears.  Oh, the joy.  Two bolts cradled in my arms, I raced to the cutting table and asked if there was more.

"No," Kim said politely, "But we have some wonderful coordinating fabric.  What are you making?"
me:  "I don't know, but it has to have pirates, castles and monsters.  I'm working on a pink blanket, but "K's" tastes changed.  I don't know what to do, but it has to be pirates, castles and monsters."
Kim smiled sweetly.  She's done this before.  "What about a tote bag?  She can keep her things in it and she will know it's hers."

15 minutes until the closing bell.  Magic Man is flagging me for a decision.  Giving him the wait one minute signal, Kim quickly pointed me toward coordinating fabric.  Snatching four more bolts, she was left with cutting instructions.

Magic Man and I made the decision to take all three pieces.  All were appropriate for his project.  Keep one and sell the others in his shop.  Kim cut the last three bolts tossed on her table just as the last call for check out was announced.

We celebrated our good fortune with a late night dinner back in The Suburb.  It was well deserved, we justified.  Besides I could finish the blanket and two tote bags in one evening.  Right?  OK, so it was two very early mornings and one very late night, but the gifts are on their way to "K."

Keep her in your prayers.

The Pink Flannel Quilt/Blanket
 The Monster Tote, perfectly sized (pure, dumb luck) for the blanket
 The Monster Tote (peek-a-boo, opening the pleat)
 The Pirate Tote

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