Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Johnny and Friends

I adore Johnny.  Thanks to him, it's easier to tolerate living in the city.  Johnny works in my building but on the far end.  Johnny has chickens at home and he shares with his coworkers.  I'm one of the fortunate to enjoy fresh eggs in the Big City.  Growing up in the "Thicket" as my cousin claimed, we were accustomed to fresh, well, almost everything on the table.   I miss those days and Johnny revives them back to reality for a meal or two each week.

Let's back up in time a bit.  I seriously wanted to build a small smoke house.  Smokers are not an acceptable appliance here in the Big City, but Mom lives out in the "Thicket", albeit somewhat barren.  I could build it there.  I struck paydirt from my search, much richer than I ever dreamed at a blog named Cowgirl's Country Life found here: http://cowgirlscountry.blogspot.com/.  Reading through her pages, I longed even more to return to life on the dirt road.  But Magic Man and I remain in the Big City.

After a while, other blogs caught my attention reminding me of a simpler life so long ago.  The blog Slow Living Essentials inspired me to bring my crochet hooks out of retirement, dust them off, add a little bit of TLC, oil and lubrication, and these bad boys were ready to start work again.  SLE had a crochet pattern for chickens, for Johnny!  http://slowlivingessentials.blogspot.com/2011/04/crocheted-hen-egg-cosies.html. They are so cute, I had to make them for the family as a thank you (along with brownies and cakes each month at the office)

Back to my story.  Between Johnny's kids, then adding his nieces and nephews, there are six tykes. I love this project and am primed for more.

Here are the girls who now live in new homes.

Mary Gold
The feet are egg cups with chicken feet, my after Easter clearance treasure from Kroger.  Inside the cup is egg shaped sidewalk chalk (Hobby Lobby). 

One word of caution.  The instructions are Austrailian/UK.  DC is SC.  Once I figured that part, completing the girls was an easy task.


  1. Look at those cute chicks. Looks like you are new to blogland and off to a good start. Wishes of blessings for you this holiday season. Looking forward to next year already.

  2. Hi GB, I am new to Blogland and receptive to comments and recommendations from seasoned bloggers. The very best for this blessed season and 2012 for you and your family.