Thursday, December 22, 2011

Panic Attack

It's a bitter sweet morning that turned for the best.

We had RAIN last night, not just rain but RAAAIIINNNN!!!  Glorious, precious rain.  And she brought her friend Lightening.  I woke up this morning, stepped into my home office and froze.  My computer was dead.

Don't panic (too late)...  check everything.  I moved the computer plug from the UPS to the wall.  Whew, I'm back online.  I guess with a strike last night the UPS made the ultimate sacrifice.

Time to unplug and head to the office.  Boss is taking us out for a Christmas lunch today.  It's going to be a blessed day after all.

Update:  Today was different for me.  I spent the morning operating a forklift.  Yes, I am certified to operate this machine.  I rarely have the opportunity to take advantage of my training.  The new task was a very welcomed change.

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