Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Turnover Pickles

We have friends.  That may come as a surprise, but we do.  I've known M for many, many years from work, and L is his wife.  They live in a different city, Big City North.

M and L are a great couple, a unique couple and we love them.  It's approaching Christmas and it's time to restock L's pickle stash.  She calls these Turnover Pickles.  M and L had them at our house once.  She really liked 'em - a lot.  M came to the Big City and we were judges at a Robot Competition.  We sent M home with a jar of just-brined pickles and instructions to turn the jar twice a day - bottom to lid, lid to bottom.  This was to be done for two weeks before opening the jar and indulging.  L renamed the "Hot, Sweet Dill Pickles" to "Turnover Pickles" because of the labor involved.

Here's how they're made. 
The Ingredients
Slice the Cucumbers about 1/2" thick

Add them back to the jar from whence the came

Add the remaining ingredients
Twist on the lid and shake well
Turn upside down for the first half of the day.

JB's Sweet Hot Dills

1 gallon jar of large dill pickles
4 oz Tabasco Sauce
4 1/2 cups sugar

Drain the pickles.  If your family likes the juice, keep it.
Slice the pickles into large chunks, we like them about 1/2" thick.  Put the pickles back in the jar.
Add the sugar, then Tabasco sauce.
Clean the jar rim and the cover.  Just to be safe, I put a double thickness of plastic wrap over the mouth.  Screw the lid on securely and shake well.  Not well enough to mash the pickles, but well enough to fix up the mixture or is that mix up the fixture?
Set the jar upside down (I put mine in a pie plate lined with an old cloth - to avoid potential messes).
"Turnover" the jar twice a day.
They're ready to eat in about two weeks.

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