Friday, January 6, 2012

Piece by Piece

I can hardly wait.  By doctor's predictions, Miss Zoe's arrival is less than three weeks away.  It's time for Iko (aka Grandma) to hurry, scurry and complete the projects started earlier in the gestation period.

Early this morning I made this little pillow case. Part of the Sock Monkey nursery set project was delayed, and delayed ...and delayed for back ordered fabric.  But it finally arrived and here it is, the finished product.
Tiny Pillowcase
Tonight, we make the top sheet.

Oh happy news for me...  My buddy Mr. A went home for the holidays.  He brought some wonderful treats.  I haven't had these in years.

Note to Magic Man - they're mine, all MINE!!!  muahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!

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